Testimonial - Sandra Black

February 2019

"I worked alongside Matt as part of the Williams & Glyn HR Leadership team. They were very demanding times, and what I will remember Matt for is the calm and measured outlook he had on things and that he always managed to stay unruffled no matter what was thrown at him. 

Matt had a way of staying out of the weeds and getting to the crux of what we needed to do which was always helpful and a great quality to have at that time. 

My team provided administrative support on L&D Learning to Matt and his team and they thoroughly enjoyed what they did. Matt always made sure that the material and content was taking Williams & Glyn in the right strategic direction and he was particularly good at working with the myriad of stakeholders in both Williams & Glyn and RBS. On a personal level, Matt is a genuinely good guy - and I would definitely endorse him in his new coaching career."